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Choosing countertops is a big decision for your kitchen project. You want them to look great, but also be functional for your needs.

At NuLook Queens Kitchen Remodeling we can help you choose the best countertops for you. And we install them too!

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Kitchen Countertops By Nulook Queens Kitchen Remodeling

For us, it is one of the most exciting improvements you can make in your kitchen. Our kitchen contractors in Queens, NY use the latest technology and procedures to ensure your countertops are the perfect type, color, finishing and fit. (And don’t forget about your kitchen cabinets, we specialize in transforming both kitchen cabinets and countertops. When it comes to your kitchen, we’re a one-stop shop!)

Our Countertops types

Types Of Kitchen Countertops

At NuLook Queens Kitchen Remodeling, we are proud to offer the following types:

Quartz countertops – Quartz is not only elegant, but it is one of the hardest minerals in the world. When our customers ask us what countertops are best for the kitchen, our immediate answer is always that the best kitchen countertops are quartz hands down. Out of all the countertop materials, quartz is the most durable. When you choose quartz, you can be reassured that you will get years of usage out of your countertops.

Marble countertops – Marble countertops are popular with our customers due to their gorgeous aesthetic. Marble is also a versatile choice because it comes in a variety of types, prices, qualities, and colors. While not completely heat resistant, marble naturally remains cool. With regular maintenance including sealing, marble countertops have incredible longevity in kitchens.

Granite countertops – White granite kitchen countertops remain one of our most requested choices for countertops for the kitchen. Granite countertops are the most heat-resistant countertops currently available on the market. You can go right ahead and take your pans, pots, and roasters right out of the oven and place them on your kitchen granite countertops with no fear of causing any burn marks or permanent damage. Just like marble, granite does require the application of a sealant on a regular basis for its upkeep.

Tile countertops – Tile is a hard surface that is formed through firing clays and minerals. Tile countertops are such a great economic option for your kitchen countertops. Ceramic tile is impervious to both heat and water, and when properly glazed, it won’t become stained.

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Quartzite countertops – Quartzite is a mineral that comes from sandstone and undergoes a natural process to become a metamorphic rock. Quartzite is comparable to marble in that they both have similar designs, veins, textures, and colors. But quartzite is more affordable and harder than marble. It is also extremely resistant to heat and scratching and only requires a sealant once a year.

Laminate countertops – Laminate is made from layers of paper that are tightly pressed together and then glued to a wood substrate. When it comes to easy maintenance, nothing beats laminate countertops. This material only requires mild soap and water for cleaning. For these countertops, there’s also no sealing or additional maintenance required. Laminate countertops are popular with homeowners because they are also the most affordable option for countertops, and as a bonus, today’s laminate comes in so many unique styles, patterns, and colors. Some of these options even realistically resemble a natural stone surface.

Butcher block countertops – Butcher block countertops consist of individual wooden stripes that are fused together into a slab. The result is a timeless, trendy, and warm look for your kitchen. Butcher block countertops are another affordable option and you can use regular household cleaners for its upkeep. Butcher block countertops can last for 20 years or longer.


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