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Kitchen cabinets give you more storage while giving your kitchen some character. At NuLook Queens Kitchen Remodeling, we know that one of the first things people see (and oftentimes judge) when they walk into your kitchen are the cabinets.

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Take some time to think about the kitchens you’ve admired whether it be in magazines, on television, or in the home of a friend or relative. From our many years of kitchen remodeling experience, we know that the kitchen storage themselves played a large role in your admiration.

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Our kitchen contractors in Queens, NY believe that your kitchen storage space should be both stylish and functional and do not have to be boring or drab. Just because they are storing your utensils, dishes, and kitchen wares don’t mean they can’t reflect your design preferences and lifestyle.

When you work with our kitchen cabinet contractors, we literally open the door to all the cabinet possibilities:

We are the name for custom cabinets in Queens NY for your kitchen because we’ve earned it. We want to hear all of your ideas about what you want out of your kitchens and we will collaborate with you to make it happen. Every aspect of the kitchen cabinet process will be handled by our licensed, bonded and insured kitchen cabinet contractors. And nothing gets done without your approval. You have the final say at all times. This is your kitchen after all! You’re the one who has to love it and use it every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Kitchen Cabinets

How much should a 10×10 kitchen remodel cost?

We reiterate that the cost of a kitchen remodel will always vary on what you ideally want out of your kitchen and the styles, materials, accessories, features and storage you’re looking to incorporate. That’s why we always give a wide average of $10,000 – $30,000 for a kitchen remodel so our customers can budget accurately and realistically before we start any work in their kitchens.

What is the average cost of getting new cabinets for our kitchen?

At NuLook Queens Kitchen Remodeling, we believe honesty is always the best policy when it comes to our customers. We don’t believe in conning customers or fooling them with false promises. The cost of getting new cabinets for your kitchen is dependent on many features including the size of your kitchen, the design plan, the materials requested, and the style and storage functionality you want to achieve for your kitchen.

We do have a price guide we can provide you for a reference but for now, we will tell you that the average homeowner can expect to spend $3,200 – $8,500 on average to replace kitchen cabinets in a kitchen of a standard size.

What is the most popular cabinets now?

White shaker cabinets (cabinets that are made up of a four-piece frame with a flat panel in the center) continue to be the most popular cabinets requested by our customers. But we’ve also noticed that our customers have a fondness for traditional, farmhouse or modern style cabinets as well. We want you to know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets. So don’t close the door on any kitchen cabinet ideas you have.

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