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Do you feel it’s time for a kitchen renovation? Have you ever walked around your kitchen and noticed a few changes you’d like to make? Do you like most aspects of your kitchen but feel that there are some things that could be spruced up?

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Queens Kitchen Renovation Service

A renovation is what you’re looking for!. At NuLook Queens Kitchen Remodeling our team specializes in both renovations and remodeling. Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly is the difference between these two projects.

Don’t worry we’ll explain:

A renovation involves reviving, repairing and updating your existing kitchen. A kitchen remodeling can involve a fresh coat of paint; refacing cabinets and countertops; installing new fixtures, lighting and/or flooring; and/or adding other features including storage solutions.

What We Offer

kitchen remodel is definitely the bigger, more invasive, and more time-consuming undertaking of the two. A kitchen remodel completely remakes and reconfigures your existing kitchen. A kitchen remodeling can involve altering the layout, style, purpose, and overall structure of the space.

So if you decide that a renovation is what your kitchen needs, you have just found the best Queens renovation experts for your kitchen makeover. Our kitchen contractor Queens is proud to offer the following renovation services for you:

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Steps For A Successful Kitchen Renovation

When you work with us for your kitchen renovation Queens NY, you’re getting the most innovative and creative team working for you. You’re the boss and our goal is to give you your ultimate, dream kitchen.

Now, you are probably already calculating costs in your head. No doubt you are wondering how much the project will cost you.

We’ll be completely upfront with you. The cost of a renovation depends on several factors including the size of your existing kitchen, the materials you want to utilize in the renovation, electrical needs, plumbing needs, cabinets, appliances, storage solutions, features, style, and design. But don’t get frazzled. We are here to guide you through the entire process.

From day one, we have understood that the key to a successful kitchen project is planning. That’s why our renovation process is meticulously planned right from our first meeting with you. Let’s explain more about what you can expect when you collaborate with us on reviving your kitchen:

Step one: We have an initial, in-home meeting with you to hear all of your thoughts and ideas about what you truly want and expect out of your new kitchen. And if you don’t have a clear idea of what exactly that is yet, that’s all right. This is not our first kitchen project. We have done both large and small kitchen projects. You are not alone in this process.


Step two: We are going to thoroughly analyze and inspect your existing kitchen. This step is essential in helping both you and our team to establish what exactly needs to happen in order to give you everything you want within your budget, get your kitchen looking the best it ever has, and to make sure everything will meet local regulations. 

Step three: Here’s where we come up with a design plan, schedule for the job completion, and estimate. We want to assure you that you have complete control here. Nothing moves forward without your approval. We’re not here to take over your home. Your ideas, schedule, and lifestyle are the driving factors in this entire process.

Step four: We complete your kitchen on time and on budget. We will also clean up after ourselves.

Step five: We provide you with all the information on how to maintain your new kitchen before we leave and answer any questions you may still have.

Step six: You thoroughly enjoy your new kitchen.

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